Its. Finally. Here.

The most important, awesome, ridiculously fun, randomly interesting, life changing conference you will ever attend…ever.  No really…EVER.


The hottest events in behavior analysis, usually located: by the beach!


Tired of the same old conferences with the same old talks and speakers?  Well gather your energy and attend one of MiABA’s specialized conferences.  We take dissemination to a whole new level by incorporating specific topics such as business and technology and merging them with behavior analysis on one stage.  Our conferences are always broadcast virtually around the world and have been attended by behavior analysts from 13 different countries.  This is the future of conferencing in ABA, and is only provided to you by MiABA!

Tech B Conference

Digital technology, video games, virtual reality, and yep…you guessed it…Robots!  Tech B has been our most successful conference to date.  Our founders have connected with some of the brightest minds in ABA and digital technology to bring attendees some of the most cutting edge devices and software utilizing behavior analysis the world has ever seen!  This conference is held annually so keep a close eye out for the next “Save the date”!

Business B Conference

Organizational behavior management (OBM), sales, and much more are discussed during this unique ABA event.  MiABA hosts this conference every other year, so look out for a call for papers and the event date!


Every year, MiABA will be regularly hosting events where certified behavior analysts can earn CEUs at a swank and trendy Miami hot spot… These events will feature presentations by some of the most influential and renowned experts in the areas of supervision, ethics, technology, and much more.  Now, what makes these events different from all of the other CEU events you have been to in the past?  At our events, we will be having drinks…

Holiday Party

Every year, MiABA throws a holiday party for the behavior analysis professionals in the Miami area.  The event usually involves a specialized speaker discussing something fun in behavior analysis.  Oh, and there is also holiday Cocktails & CEUs for everyone to enjoy!

Provider Meet and Greet

Curious about other providers and the companies that they work for?  Well, wonder no longer! MiABA holds at least one provider meet and greet every year where providers from all over south Florida come together to interact, share notes, and troubleshoot problems.  There is usually a CEU involved in this get-together, free food, and even some drinks!  MiABA knows how to have fun.