Cocktails & CEUs:

September 18th, 2015 Friday 6:30pm

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Our Mission

The purpose of the Miami Association for Behavior Analysis (MiABA) is to promote the practice of behavior analysis, support local behavior analysts and the field of behavior analysis as a whole.  MiABA is also dedicated to promoting the dissemination of evidence-based practices in the field, and provide continuing education opportunities to various behavior analytic professionals throughout the city of Miami.

Our Vision

Behavior analysts who play together stay together! At the forefront of the MiABA vision is to promote unity within the professional community of behavior analysts in South Florida by sponsoring a multitude of fun-filled events throughout our sunny and beautiful city. We plan on taking full advantage of our beaches, nightlife and Hispanic cultural events all as reasonable excuses to relax, unwind and enjoy…Miami style!


What we do

MiABA is also fully committed to promoting legislation in support of behavior analytic practice. As professionals, we are forever bound by our ethical guidelines to provide evidence-based treatment interventions to those in need, and are always in defense of our clients who oftentimes cannot speak for themselves, Individually we have a voice, but united we are stronger and louder. Join MiABA and be loud…Miami loud!

Behavior analytic science, combined with Miami chic.

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Founders Circle

# of BCBAs in Miami

# of BCaBAs in Miami



Social Events

Get-together with local providers.  Meet educators and researchers in behavior analysis.  And Just to make things interesting, have a drink on us!

Continuing Education

Need CEUs?  Certification is running out?  Don’t sweat it, MiABA provides its members with at least 4 different CEU event opportunities annually!


Guest Speakers

Want to hear about a new emerging technology in ABA?  MiABA will be presenting unique speakers throughout the year at local events!

Cocktails & CEUs:

September 18th, 2015 Friday 6:30pm

                                                       One CEU will be available




Evidence Based Strategies To Teach Fire Safety To Children With Autism.



  The Grove Spot

3324 Virginia Street, Coconut Grove, FL 33133



Cocktails ONLY, hold the CEUs


Cocktails & CEUs:



Earn CEUs, meet other analysts.  Collaborate on different projects


Find a BCBA to supervise you. Learn more about graduate school!

ABA Business Owners

Hire new staff, work with other providers on admin related issues!

University Faculty

Find funding for research, recruit new students for lab programs!


MiABA Cocktail & CEUs 

Every year, MiABA will be regularly hosting events where certified behavior analysts can earn CEUs at a swank and trendy Miami hot spot… These events will feature presentations by some of the most influential and renowned experts in the areas of supervision, ethics, technology, and much more.  Now, what makes these events different from all of the other CEU events you have been to in the past?  At our events, we will be having drinks…

Local support, exciting events, just a registration form away.

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Our offices are located in sunny south Florida.

Address: P.O. Box 350565  Miami, FL 33125

Business Hours: Call us anytime!